(Announcer) The U.N.Pol (U.N. Police) chief for the metropolitan area advocates better coordination in activities of the Haitian National Police (PNH) and the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), especially in the fight against crime. Frantz Jules appears confident although he agrees that there has been an upsurge in insecurity in the capital in recent weeks in the run-up to the elections. U.N.Pol chief Jules speaks as follows:

(Jules – in Creole) All the problems actually exist in the metropolitan area. We practically have the other departments that are not at all the same as Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince is unique for this reason. This is one of the reasons why all the concentration of forces and contributions are taking place right in Port-au-Prince.

Regarding the insecurity issue, I have heard that there is an increase in the kidnapping situation. If we are to talk about insecurity in terms of the kidnappings that are taking place, then I can say, yes, there has been an upsurge these last two weeks. It is true that more and more people are being kidnapped now. Perhaps it is because the elections are drawing near. This could be a way to discourage people, to prevent them from participating in the elections. But I think that with the presence of this new battalion, the contribution will not be the same operationally compared to the outgoing battalion, because this battalion can more or less control the situation.

The existing problem has to do with logistics. A huge gathering of the forces on the ground is necessary. When I say logistics I mean at all levels. In terms of the PNH and MINUSTAH, it is a problem of a lack of cooperation. Logistically speaking, when a crime is committed, it will be necessary for the PNH officers on the ground to have communication radios so that they are able to communicate. Actually, if the PNH, U.N.Pol officers and MINUSTAH troops are equipped with and connected to the same communication system, then when a message is sent out, all the concerned authorities could automatically take action to help arrest the bandits.

Unfortunately, the PNH is not well equipped logistically. This is a problem. So, we need to sit down together to draw up a plan whereby when something happens, any patrol in the concerned area can be on the lookout for criminals.