Guangzhou, 14 December: China’s second riot squad contingent returned to the country December 14 after completing its peacekeeping mission in Haiti. The 91-member team arrived in Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province in the morning and each was awarded a “medal of honor of the Chinese peacekeeping police” in the afternoon by the Ministry of Public Security.

The contingent of 125 police officers was sent to Haiti to carry out a peacekeeping mission in April this year. They were awarded a UN peace medal in August in Haiti for their excellent performance. Currently, four other members from the contingent are still in Haiti for a mission handover. The other 30 members returned to China earlier.

On Monday, China sent its third contingent of peacekeepers to help maintain order in the Caribbean country of Haiti, the Ministry of Public Security said. The team will be stationed in Port-au-Prince and will take charge of maintaining security during Haiti’s upcoming general election. The 125-member team underwent three months of intensive training in China before its departure. The members were trained in language and peacekeeping skills and briefed on the local political situation in Haiti, the ministry said.