The voter-card distribution process should end before Christmas, according to OAS spokeswoman Louise Brunet. She confirms that distribution has already started in some areas of the country, as announced by Provisional Electoral Council Vice-president Pierre-Richard Duchemin. Brunet wants to reassure the people on the issue of the faulty cards. She expresses optimism about the electoral issue, while other sectors have announced their concerns about the capacity of the OAS and the CEP to handle the massive distribution of voter cards throughout the country on time.

Brunet: The OAS is busy distributing the voter cards. We started today, November 23 in twenty-six areas of the country. We intend to complete the distribution process by Christmas, in time for the elections to be held, whatever election date is chosen, although it would be surprising if they decided to hold the elections before December 27. So, this is what the OAS is working on now.

Rotchild Francois, Jr. of Radio Metropole: So, you do not have any preferences for any of the presidential candidates?

Brunet: No. What we want is for all voters to have their cards in time for the elections. We also want to give this country a chance to have an electoral register, a modern civil register in which all Haitians are registered and have an identification document that belongs to them.

Francois: Would you say that the OAS mission is almost certain that all voters will be able to get their cards before the elections?

Brunet: We are confident that if all goes according to plan, if there is nothing unexpected and if time is not wasted,then, in theory, we should be able to distribute all the cards by Christmas.