The Organization of American States special mission is trying to reassure people with regard to the voting cards. According to the OAS special mission, more than 1 million voting cards have now been distributed in Haiti and more than 1.5 million additional cards will arrive in Port-au-Prince some time this week. The mission explains, however, that it is waiting for authorization from the Provisional Electoral Council [CEP] to start distributing them.

As for the cards that are faulty, the mission said that there are only a small number of such cards and that this is a normal rate in view of the quantity of cards that were to be printed. The mission gives the guarantee that these cards can be reprinted in time for the elections.

The OAS wants to remind all citizens that the main objective of the assistance that the organization is giving the CEP in preparing for the elections is to put together an accurate electoral list, which is a precondition for a smooth democratic process that should be honest and fair.

The OAS believes the voting cards will be issued in time for the elections. Should an unforeseeable situation disrupt the production process, the OAS has given its assurances that an alternative mechanism has already been worked out to meet the requirements within the prescribed time limit.