Originally: Send Aristide packing

     Is the ousted Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti still in South Africa? Well, he is. It is already over a year now that he came to South Africa and we don’t hear much about him. In fact, it seems he has no chance of returning to Haiti to head the government there.

     South Africans were led to believe Aristide’s stay in the country was temporary and, if he is still here, his stay is undoubtedly a permanent one – at great expense to the South African taxpayer.

     One thing is for sure, the present Haitian government won’t be toppled in the foreseeable future and this means South Africa is stuck with this Haitian baby to be looked after in comfort and nourished at great expense – when he is of no benefit to our country.

     Our government must face facts that our constitution does not allow the government to look after deposed presidents of other countries.

     Now, the Haitian government wants to extradite Aris-tide for embezzlement of state money while he was president. The sooner Aristide is sent packing, the better. SA does not need him as he is only a burden to the taxpayer.

     Ismail M Moolla