The Court of Cassation’s decision to allow Dumarsais Simeus to take part in the forthcoming elections may contribute to the destabilization of the electoral process. That is the opinion of the spokesman for the Haitian Social Democrats? Fusion Party (Fusion). According to Micha Gaillard, the decision is not in keeping with the provisions of the constitution, which has not yet been amended.

With regard to the creation of a Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) support committee, Gaillard says this is a problem that has been added to other problems facing the process. Gaillard supports the initiative to create a the CEP support committee, but he does not approve of its composition. He made the following statements at the microphone of Jacquelin Jean-Paul:

The electoral process is very fragile. There are several obstacles. Therefore, all sectors together? the political sector, civil society and the voters? must understand that the elections are a mandatory way for us to stimulate the development of the country. No matter what obstacles are in the way? regardless of whether they are technical, political or institutional obstacles? we must overcome them with cool heads.

Q We know that the Court of Cassation has just rendered a verdict in favour of Simeus. How do you in Fusion interpret this decision?

(Gaillard) Within Fusion, we must remain calm, insofar as this decision might create a great deal of destabilization as far as the electoral process is concerned. We in Fusion are very institutional. We think that we must modernize the institutions and strengthen them. There is an institution called the Court of Cassation. It has acted. It has made a decision. No matter what our position on this decision might be, we must accept the position of the law. The case is not necessarily over because of this decision. It is over? I could say? as far as the Court of Cassation is concerned, but the CEP, which did not have a favorable opinion of about this issue, will react.