Originally: Jean Bertrand Aristide accused of being responsible for the massacre of la Scirie

Former Minister of Justice under the deposed Lavalas regime Calixte Delatour claims his innocence in the massacre that occurred at la Scirie in the town of St Marc in February 2004.

In an exclusive interview given to Radio Metropole, Calixte Delatour, a former member of the High Council of the National Police revealed that the Haitian Police took orders directly from the National Palace. ?Everything went through Aristide, not because he was the President but because it is the tradition in Haiti,? he said. ?Jean Bertrand Aristide is the main culprit of the massacre of la Scirie in the town of St Marc. I was not aware of the orders given to the Police,? he continued.

Calixte Delatour also revealed that he resigned from his post in December 2003 following the arrest of Charles Henry Baker (currently a candidate for president) and David Apaid. According to the former minister, these arrests were arbitrary and illegal. However, M. Delatour indicated that he chose not to reveal that information to the press at that time. More than fifty people , mostly members of Ramiscom, an anti-Aristide grassroots organization were executed by Aristide?s goons and members of a specialized unit of the police force with logistical support from a helicopter. Numerous home were also burned down by violent partisans of Aristide.