Jessie Cameau Coicou was promoted to the position of police chief inspector-general yesterday. Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, who made the announcement yesterday, hailed Mrs Coicou’s integrity and courage. Her mission is to restore order in the Haitian National Police, PNH. Prime Minister Latortue spoke as follows at the microphone of Radio Kiskeya:

From now on, she is the police inspector-general, the second in command. It is a promotion that we give her for her courage, her integrity and her knowledge. She knows that it is her department that will restore order in the police. And we know that when a woman decides to put things right, nothing will stop her from doing so. Besides, she is a woman who has already proved what she can do. So, it is with pleasure that all of us in the High Council of the Haitian National Police unanimously accepted the recommendation made by the director-general. This is the main thing today. We now have another inspector-general at the head of the police to put things right in the police. She will be able to put things right where there are policemen who are involved in crooked dealings.

From now on, people will be able to see more positive changes in the police. This had already started with the appointment of the new director-general and will be improved even more now. Everybody is used to hearing her speak. People do not need to see her to know what she can do. Her voice alone is enough to show she means business.

Actually, the first time I heard Ms. Coicou speak, I said to myself, this woman definitely has a future in the police. So, today, I am pleased that I have the opportunity together with the police director-general to install her as chief inspector-general of the PNH. I believe that this will be an honor for the national police. Actually, wherever she goes in the world, at conferences in Miami and in Montreal, people always hail her.

So, we now have a great team at the head of the police. These two officers will make us proud of our national police. The police were in need of that. And I believe that this appointment is going to enhance the prestige of the police not just in Haiti but also internationally.