Several former high-ranking Lavalas officials including former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune are supposed to enjoy total amnesty. This is what was discussed at the Council of Ministers meeting on September 3 . Justice Minister Henry Marge Dorleans, who took the initiative of releasing the Lavalas officials, claims that he is unaware of this news. This question of amnesty for the Lavalas barons has caused divisions among the interim government. The interim team threatens to dismiss all ministers. We are going to listen to a report by Erifleur Denisca:

(Dorleans) I have heard that in public. I would like to know if you would like this. Some people in the government say they have heard that also in public.

(Denisca) This was the minister’s answer when journalists asked him about the government’s intention to forgive the former Lavalas prime minister, that is, to release Yvon Neptune. This is one of the issues that were debated during the special Council of Ministers meeting that was held at the National Palace on Saturday, September 3. Dorleans is the one who is in charge of implementing this mission. However, when journalists asked him about it, he claimed that he was not aware.

(Dorleans) I have actually met ministers who say they have heard that on the streets. Therefore, I am telling you that it would be for you to carry out a survey among society to find out whether this is something society would accept.

(Denisca) All the imprisoned Lavalas supporters starting with Neptune should enjoy this amnesty. This issue has caused divisions within the government. By the way, a meeting that was held about it on Tuesday, September 6 ended in conflicts. Due to the fact that some ministers oppose this measure, a committee was formed to look into the case of Neptune, who is getting some rest in a villa in Pacot.

Neptune has been accused of being involved in the La Scierie Massacre. Dismissal threats hang over the heads of all the ministers who do not agree that Neptune should be pardoned. Anyway, at the National Palace, the watchword is that everything should be done very quickly. Neptune and other Lavalas partisans who are in jail should be released before interim president Boniface Alexandre flies to New York, where he will attend a U.N. meeting this very month.