The Provisional Electoral Council has published the final list of political parties that will run in the forthcoming elections. The voters will be able to vote for candidates from more than 40 parties, according to the final list. 

Apart from the partial list issued last week, the CEP has selected 17 other political parties and organizations, which bring the number of accepted parties to 45 in total. About 22 parties have been rejected out of the 67 parties that registered to take part in the elections.

With regard to the CEP, after studying the parties’ dossiers and after the publication of a partial list of 28 parties and an additional list of 17 parties, the electoral institution is running the risk of incurring the anger of critics by giving them the impression that it does not really know what it is doing in term of analysing the dossiers. According to the new CEP spokesman, the issue concerning a list of 5,000 members that each party had to present could be the reason for the rejection of the other 22 parties. So, CEP spokesman Stephane Lacroix blames this rejection on technical problems.