Originally: The Haiti Democracy Project Does Not Endorse Candidates

The Haiti Democracy Project endorses no candidates in Haitian elections.

The Haiti Democracy Project STRONGLY SUPPORTS the initiative of various candidates coming forward to run and lend vitality to the process by which Haiti chooses its government. In this spirit, if we are asked about a particular candidate in a media interview, we are likely to STRESS THE POSITIVE in such a candidate as long as she or he is not associated with criminality or violence.

We are aware that Haiti being Haiti, such positive remarks meant to boost elections as a whole will inevitably be personalized.

It is our conviction that Haiti now can resolve its long-running political crisis through a free, clean, and inclusive election. And that the accepted, legitimate government so created can be the foundation for attacking Haiti’s horrific poverty: restoring security, renewing infrastructure, absorbing foreign aid.

It is in this spirit that our enthusiastic remarks about Dumarsais Simeus should be viewed. We do not endorse him above any other candidate. A number of our members have serious reservations about the constitutionality of his candidacy. We DO acknowledge his considerable personal achievements which symbolize the Haitian work ethic.

If asked about any of the other candidates running, we would similarly STRESS THE POSITIVE and find similar superlatives, unless they were involved in violence.

In this regard, we are also pleased to recall Mr. Simeus’s distinguished participation in our February 2005 fact-finding delegation to Haiti. While grateful for his contribution to the success of the delegation, again, we do not endorse his candidacy.