Residents in the Delmas 24 neighbourhood have denounced the increase in kidnapping cases in the area, despite the presence of the police. According to these people, bandits are kidnapping at least three to four people a day in this area, especially in Rue Moravia, Sylvio Cator, Caonabo, Saint-Lot and Casimir.

Residents have asked the police to patrol these streets to prevent the bandits from terrorizing the people. The victims pointed out that the police are posted instead at the intersection of the Delmas Road and Delmas 24, while the bandits operate in the whole area of Delmas 24.

The director of the Central Management of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) has issued a call to the residents of some areas of the capital asking them to remain calm, especially the areas where kidnapping cases are taking place. DCPJ Director Michael Lycius says that the PNH (Haitian National Police) is determined to put an end to this phenomenon, which has declined a great deal since last week. Lycius spoke as follows:

(Lycius, in Creole) The ability of the kidnappers to operate has decreased a great deal. The main kidnappers have been caught. Some have been killed and some have gone into hiding. There are some that are still troubling the people. But people should not worry too much. Actually, at this very moment, I am working on a kidnapping case. I could call it a self-kidnapping. We just arrested a guy who said that he was kidnapped for about a week. His parents contacted us. We went to get the person, the so-called kidnapper, who was to collect the money and we found that the so-called kidnapped person came to collect the ransom. So, we arrested him. Right now, I am trying to find out if he was alone in the case or if he was limited by the bandits only to collecting the money. He came, opened his bag, and told the person who brought the money to put the money in the bag. So, we are trying to understand what is actually going on. We are trying to understand this phenomenon. Some people are just using the situation in order to steal money from their own people.

Concerning the situation of kidnapping that is going in the Delmas 24 area, it is a group of thugs who have lost their leaders and who continue to bother the people. Another area that is still causing serious trouble is Cite Soleil. The bandits there are still kidnapping people, but we are trying to resolve this issue. And with the support of MINUSTAH (U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti), I believe that the situation will be resolved soon.