There has been a sharp drop in kidnappings and murders in Port-au-Prince following the recent measures implemented by MINUSTAH (U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti) and the Haitian police to defeat the criminals.

The number of kidnappings has fallen considerably, said the secretary of state for public security, who spoke on Radio Metropole’s Rencontre show on Sunday, July 24. David Bazile urged the criminals to lay down their arms and to turn themselves in. “They must renounce violence and join the demobilization and reinsertion program set up by the government in agreement with the United Nations,” the secretary of state for public security said, highlighting the “firm determination” of the security forces to defeat the armed militants who operate in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince.

“MINUSTAH and the national police will continue the operations in lawless areas with a view to establishing a climate of lasting security in the capital”, he went on, saying that the criminals are starting to understand that their actions have no future.