The commission responsible for investigating the Aristide administration has presented its report to the relevant authorities. It should be recalled that this commission was created by the interim government to investigate the administrative mess under the Lavalas regime.

In order to carry out the investigation, the commission had to study the files of several state institutions, institutions such as the Haitian Popular Bank (BPH), the firms Riz Tchako and Riz Global Spectrum, Telecommunications of Haiti (Teleco), the National Pensions Office (ONA), the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Prime Minister and so on.

The commission has uncovered huge irregularities in the way the fallen regime spent money through these institutions. The report reveals that members of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s private cabinet deposited numerous cheques totalling 19,259,775 dollars into their personal accounts as well as 184m gourdes to replenish their personal accounts through the BPH.

As for Teleco, the unjustified expenses amounted to about 11bn dollars. There is also the money owed to Teleco for international communications which amounted to over 7m dollars.

As far as the National Port Authority (APN) is concerned, the expenses made without justification amounted to about 4m dollars.

As for the firm Riz Tchako, the Public Treasury suffered a net loss of more than 184m gourdes.

The Ministry of Finance, headed by Calixte Delatour, was unable to justify three expenses, which amounted to over 29m gourdes.

The firm Riz Global Spectrum owes about 56m gourdes to the Public Treasury.