Lavalas activist Paul Raymond of the Grassroots Church Communities (TKL) was heard in court yesterday by Judge Mimose Janvier within the framework of the accusations brought against him. He was accused of involvement in a conspiracy with criminals and arson, among many other things. His lawyer, Mario Joseph, criticized the Dominican government for allowing Raymond to be deported even though he was in possession of legal papers. Attorney Joseph said the following:

“I personally did not know that Raymond was to be heard today. I only learned about it while I was in court this morning. Actually, I should have prepared a request for his release, and this is what I am going to do now. Since the case must be heard again then I will at that time ask for him to be released. We think that as the justice minister said, if the judicial system is not carrying out political repression then we are certain that Paul Raymond will be released.”

“What was he accused of?”

“He is accused of involvement in a criminal conspiracy. These are false accusations. They always accuse people of these things and of plotting against state security. We are going to work together with other international organizations on the issue of international law to sue the Dominican government for deporting Raymond illegally.”