Originally: 5th Judge Resigns in the Jean Dominique-Louissant Double Murder Case


Pierre Esperance




For the fifth time since the double-murders of Jean L. Dominique and Jean

Claude Louissant on 3 April 2000, the current Investigating Judge has

resigned from the case.  The National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH)

has learned that Justice Jean Perez Paul, president of the National

Magistrates? Association who was assigned the case in March 2005, returned

the case to the Chief Justice of the Court of First Instance in

Port-au-Prince citing reasons of the refusal on the part of the Ministry

of Justice to provide sufficient resources required to properly treat the


RNDDH believes it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice to

provide Haitian judges with sufficient and appropriate resources to carry

out their work, especially in cases involving increased risk.

However, at the same time, RNDDH is extremely discouraged by and critical

of Justice Jean Perez Paul?s decision to resign from the case.  Such a

decision, particularly coming from the President of the National

Magistrates? Association, shows that as a judge Justice Perez Paul lacks

the courage required to do his job.  It is a regrettable example that he

is providing to all other judges within the Haitian Judiciary.  Imagine

the scandal if more often judges refused to handle cases handed to them by

the Chief Justice of the Court of First Instance; the entire judicial

system would be completely blocked as judges decide only to work on easier

cases with less risk.

RNDDH is of the opinion that courage and determination are essential

qualities of all judges, but especially of Investigating Magistrates.

Judges should not have the liberty to set aside cases as they so choose.

RNDDH would like to strongly encourage Justice Perez Paul to reconsider

his decision, and begin again with his work on the Dominique-Louissaint

murder case.

At the same time, RNDDH requests that the Ministry of Justice provide the

appropriate and adequate resources Justice Perez Paul requires in order to

carry out his mission as provided for by the law.