Dear Friend,

I am taking the liberty of sending you this message because I know you care about HAITI and because I am certain you are irritated by the barrage of pro-Aristide, anti-government, anti-civil society propaganda that a small but very vocal group has been distributing over the Internet for well over a year now.

Make no mistake, that pro-Aristide campaign is well-organized, is very active, and has done an incredible amount of damage to the development of our country. The effectiveness of that campaign has been compounded by the very weak and ineffectual media relations organization of the interim government, the lack of technological savvy of many well-meaning patriots, but most of all by the incredible SILENCE of those who have borne the brunt of the attack. The lack of foresight of the Haitian “elites” – but are they really? – in countering this campaign is nothing short of frightening. Do they not understand that staying silent is NOT an option, or are they so busy taking care of their own, selfish interests now that Aristide is gone that they no longer need to wage an effective campaign to defend their point of view? Will it fall to the poor students of Haiti to pick up the slack AGAIN and remind their elders that there is a country to be saved? Shame on the “leaders” who have not risen up to the occasion.

Whatever the case, some of us have decided NOT to remain silent any longer. We were looking from some leadership from those whom we thought would provide it, but in that respect, we were sorely disappointed. The progressive, well-meaning and visionary Haitians have to understand that being omnipresent in CYBERSPACE today is the name of the game, especially when sustaining a brutal attack such as that waged by the pro-Aristide forces in the United States and Canada. You CANNOT afford to continue your little radio, TV and press conference campaigns and think that you are achieving something. If that’s what you have in mind as a response, you have already lost the war. Period.

As a small group of ordinary citizens from Haiti and from the Diaspora, we have decided to take up the fight that the so-called Haitian leaders have run away from. But more importantly, we are looking to be vectors of change in providing an ALTERNATIVE vision of the country to the outside world. Our philosophy is to promote a healthier dialogue among Haitians, wherever they may be, and to militate for a fairer society with equal opportunities FOR ALL. Our objectives are: 1) to combat by any peaceful means necessary the hateful message of the radical wing of Lavalas; 2) to fight against corruption and shenanigans, wherever they occur (and this includes the current Alexandre-Latortue administration as well as the sordid business dealings of crooked private sector people); 3) to highlight positive developments in Haiti whenever they occur.

You don’t need much money to take on such a challenge. All you need is to be COMMITTED, to be ENGAGED, and to RISE UP when it is time to be counted.

The enemies of a democratic and prosperous Haiti are plentiful, from the omnipresent pro-Aristide groups on the Internet, to the Haitian radio personalities in New York, New Jersey, Montreal and Florida who have made it a point to distort every single news coming out of Haiti while hiding the truth from their listeners regarding the corruption that pervaded the Aristide regime, to the pro-Aristide armed gangs and rogue former FADH and PNH personnel using their weapons to terrorize the population, to the big-shot Haitian businessmen who have made a pact with the Devil and are paying some well-known gang leaders to leave their businesses alone! Yes, the latter too are enemies of Haiti and deserve to be singled out for their hypocrisy when they complain about the risks they are facing while at the same time sending a nice, fat, padded envelope to the Dred Wilmes and Pinochets and Ti-Blans of this world. They are financing the violence that is occurring today. But we know who they are and they will be unmasked.

Today, you have a choice to join our circle or walk away. It is not our intention to spam anyone with messages that they do not want to read. We will be sending out emails from time to time in line with our philosophy and objectives. You can get a sense of what we are about by visiting: