Originally: Haitian PM promises to combat

The president of the CSPNH (High Council of the Haitian National Police) has explained that the new post that the former director of the Haitian National Police is going to occupy is a very important position that will be very valuable for the country.

Leon Charles has been transferred to the Haitian embassy in Washington, where he will be in charge of police affairs and the intelligence service. He will then be able to help us fight the acts of violence that affect our society, because most of it is supported by people overseas, the prime minister said. He also said that he is counting on all people to help put an end to this insecurity phenomenon that is destroying the country. Here is Prime Minister Latortue:

“I seize this occasion this morning to pay a well-deserved tribute to our National Police as a whole for their efforts in the fight against insecurity. A lot of them have fallen in the battlefield. A lot of you, policemen of my country, were tortured, assassinated, killed, and your bodies were even burned by some foolish people who think that they can use force to destabilize the country.

“Today, I would like to say right here in your presence, in the presence of all our friends who are here with us, and to the people of the country and the whole world that they will not succeed because they represent the forces of the past, a past that was extremely painful for the Haitian people, a past that was characterized by the looting of our resources, by the massacre of our children, and by the destruction of our institutions.

“As for this past that I am talking about, I promise before the nation not to return to it. We will fight it to the limit of our capacity so that democracy may triumph in Haiti.”