Originally: Haiti: Radio employee kidnapped, ransom demanded


Radio Galaxie has been brutally hit by kidnapping. Rudy Bourdeau, an employee of the station who is also the captain of a football team, was abducted yesterday while he was in the vehicle of the director of the radio station, Dr Yves Jean-Bart, also known as Dadou. In fact, armed bandits abducted our colleague Bourdeau in Croix-des-Missions. Bandits opened fire at the vehicle Bourdeau was in to force him to stop. Our colleague was allegedly hit in the foot by a bullet, according to what the kidnappers have reported. The car, a Honda CRV registration number A-2222, belongs to Jean-Bart.

The abduction of our colleague Bourdeau took place at about 2000 last night in front of the Sogebank in Croix-des-Missions, a sensitive area as far as stealing vehicles is concerned. The entire Galaxie team is worried about Bourdeau’s condition. He is injured, according to the abductors, who are demanding a large ransom for his release.