France is proud to have contributed to the fall of the dictatorship in February 2004 at the urging of our current Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. Nobody can or should regret a criminal and corrupt regime. And we support the efforts of the transitional government although we still have to deplore some shortcomings.

We certainly deplore the slowness and the ineffectiveness of the judicial system in the past as well as in the present. I am certain that the Haitian people want to see more light shed on the murders that were committed and the crimes that are still not elucidated. They want light to be shed on the Mafia system of embezzlement of the country’s funds and on the development of narcotrafficking up to the highest level of the state not long ago. The transition has been too hesitant and too timid in this matter.

The national reconciliation favored by France cannot finesse the duty to serve justice. It is impunity that paves the way for dictatorial and corrupt regimes. Today, the judicial system needs to be improved. The action of the judicial authorities as well as that of the police is still open to criticism. This worries human rights organizations. But we know, Mr Prime Minister, that this issue has become one of your priorities.

Freedom is also what every citizen expects every day: the safety of the people as well as property, and the freedom to move about freely. Our concerns grow everyday in the face of the development of terrorism, crimes, and the progress of the kidnapping phenomenon. An immense task is awaiting us in the coming months.

I pay tribute to the courage of Minustah, UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, although, by the way, I sometimes criticize its action. But Minustah has proved itself to be courageous. So, we should congratulate them. I also hail Minustah’s recent efforts. However, this should not be shown only in selective actions however brilliant they may be. They should be part of a continuity aimed at restoring definite control over the dangerous areas night and day.

We wish to rely on the recent Security Council resolution and hope that the reinforcement of Minustah’s personnel and mandate, which was adopted by the United Nations on June 24, will facilitate the restoration of the climate of security that is essential for the elections.