The national police carried out an operation in Port-au-Prince on Thursday,  July 14, which led to the liberation of a Tele Haiti technician, who was kidnapped early that day in the Nazon area. Both kidnappers were killed and the police arrested 15 individuals during this operation. The director of the Central Management of the Judicial Police, Michael Lycius, explains:

“Actually, the police were able to free two kidnap victims in the Solino and Nazon areas: a Tele Haiti technician, Elyzee Jacques Bellance, who was freed by the SWAT team in the Solino neighborhood and this afternoon, we also freed a local European Union employee. The person was kidnapped on Delmas 24 this morning. The operation was carried out by the SWAT team and the Research and Investigation Brigade. I should point out that the police have carried a large number of operations throughout the capital. About fifteen individuals were arrested, and they have all been identified as kidnappers. We also arrested some individuals who were responsible for transporting munitions to the bandits in Bel-Air, Solino and Ti Chery.”

Rotchild Francois, Jr.:  “Will these individuals be prosecuted? Because despite all the efforts made by the police and the Minustah, UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, the bandits have not given up.”

“The operations will continue. As you can see, the administrative police have launched an intensive operation in the metropolitan area. They have circled the area, and this has yielded good results. And at the level of the judicial police, we are carrying out operations against all bandits and criminals that are committing terrorist acts in the capital.”