Originally: Haiti to take legal action against Lavalas officials – justice minister

The Central Unit for Financial and Economic Information (CREF) has issued a report on the embezzlement of state funds under the Lavalas regime. Many Lavalas barons are accused of embezzlement of public funds, administrative mess, and corruption through the Aristide Foundation for Democracy  as well as other ghost companies set up by the fallen regime.

Justice Minister Henry Dorleans, who was a guest on Radio Metropole this morning, announced that the government will provide the judges with all the necessary means to ensure that this report will be followed up. Justice Minister Dorleans even said that the government intends to ask foreign governments to extradite the people involved in this major operation of embezzlement of funds under the Lavalas regime. Here he is:

(Dorleans) There are magistrates that were trained in matters regarding legal procedures for economic and financial crimes. The judges and examining judges were trained in this regard. Actually, legal procedures will be started soon.

(Rotchild Francois Jr.) Does the government intend to give the judges the support that they need to enable them to do their job?

(Dorleans) Absolutely. We have already been in contact with the magistrates that were trained in this field, and they have been provided with the resources to carry out the job. We have provided them with transportation and security resources.

Now, the Aristide Foundation for Democracy case is practically completed. There is another case that we have to complete also at the end of this month. I must say that UCREF has done a great job, and this is an opportunity for me to congratulate the UCREF director and his team because they really deserve to be called children of the country. All we must do now is to wait for the judicial authorities to do their part, and for the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) to play its part too.

(Francois) Actually, there was a certain hesitation in matters that concern Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his associates. Can we now say that the facts are there and that action will be taken?

(Dorleans) As I said, the examining judges are very motivated in this regard. We have resolved the minor problems that existed. I do not know if there are other problems that will need to be resolved later, but we have resolved the ones that we know about. And as I said, a report will be sent to the CSCCA for follow-up.

(Francois) There are some Lavalas personalities whose names are cited in the UCREF report who are not in the country. Do the authorities intend to take steps with the governments of the countries where these people are to have them extradited?

(Dorleans) As I said before, I do not know the names of the people concerned. But if some of them are not in Haiti then the government will do all that is necessary to have them sent back to Haiti so that they can stand trial. We will do all that is necessary in this regard as we have already started to do. You have probably noticed that many individuals that were in other countries have begun to return to the country to answer for the crimes they committed. Legal action will be taken against all these individuals.

(Francois) Would you say that justice will be impartial in this particular case?

(Dorlean) Justice will be exercised blindfolded.