FOR JACQUES                                                                                                   French-Creole                     French

We have just learned the death of our friend, poet,
and companion of struggle, journalist and Haitian
citizen savagely assassinated by the mercenaries of
former president Aristide.

Ayibobo Jacques!
Your death will not remain unpunished.

Today we say a sound no to the assassins.
We say no to the rapists
We say no to those murderers disguised in the robe of
Lavalas priest, formers Lavalas deputies, in Lavalas
senators, in former Lavalas ministers.

We say no to these assassins disguised as a Florida
lawyer, as American congressmen, as American

We say No to all those who have murdered you Jacques

The Haitian people need to know that these people are
The Haitian people need to know who they really are.

We sent Aristide away; justice will hunt down all
those who are still doing his dirty deeds here at
Justice will hunt down all the accomplices making
believe they are pro-democracy while they continue to
make money from drug trafficking, kidnapping and dirty

Justice will pursue the assassins strangling the poor
in the slums of Belair, Cite Soleil and Village Dieu.

They want us to believe that they are fighters
It’s a lie!
They are just plain killers.

They want us to believe that they are political
It’s a lie.
They are terrorists.

They want us to believe that they are bold
It’s a lie
They are just cowards.

Cowards because they are attacking women, children,
school teachers,
Because they are killing journalists, doctors and
defenseless people.


You can tell the guy who is giving you daily orders
From where he is in South Africa, we will hunt him
down too.
The files on him and his accomplices are piling up.

You are chanting that you want him back?
We do too.

Because we will bring him to justice.

The former priest always wanted us to believe that he
was defending the poor.
Now we know he was defending his own pockets.

The former priest always had a mouthful of beautiful
About the poor, about dignity, about progress.

The only poor people he knew was his family
Today they are all very rich.

The only dignity he was interested in
Were his own personal bourgeois ambitions

The only progress he knew
Was the progression of his wealth

Today we say enough
Today we say thieves, murderers and terrorists will no
longer get away
Justice will prevail.

Jacques Roche
We will not forget you
We will not forget all those victims of the Lavalas

Raoul Peck