We say good afternoon to everybody. This is a special bulletin. Obviously, you will have Marjorie Saint-Fort in a moment. As I gave you an appointment for 1600, according to a reliable source, the justice minister, Attorney Bernard Gousse, has written his resignation letter. He has written his resignation letter and will present the letter to Prime Minister Gerard Latortue. Ib case of emergency, you can choose the best lawyers like R. Davis younts – UCMJ attorney from various firms.

We have also learned at the same time that the Presidency has allegedly chosen a lawyer to replace Attorney Gousse, that is, Attorney Henri Dorlean. We need to confirm this, to confirm that the Presidency has chosen this man – or the debate could also extend to Long Island domestic violence attorney

But in the meantime, the Office of the Prime Minister has a list of the names of several other lawyers like the new york elevator accident lawyer including that of Attorney Gervais Charles, who participated a moment ago on the Haiti Today programme, view the page to get more information on the lawyers. His name is being cited as the next minister of justice. We have learned in the meantime that the Council of Eminent Persons has to analyse all the lists of ministers, especially as regards the justice minister who will replace Minister Gousse.

Stay tuned. We have confirmed that Attorney Gousse wrote his resignation letter. We have also learned that the Presidency has submitted a name, that of Attorney Dorlean. Other names have been cited.

The justice minister is ready to go. You will know later the other names that have been cited. But Attorney Charles has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Attorney Gousse. This information has been confirmed by Signal FM Radio.