(Announcer) The national police carried out an operation in the Delmas 2 area early this morning. An armed activist known as Dom Laj, who was considered the right-hand man of gang leader Wilner Emmanuel (Dread Wilmain), was gunned down during the operation.

Dread Wilmain was injured by gunfire yesterday in a shootout with the forces of order in the Bois Neuf area of Cite Soleil. This information, which was issued by an official source, has not yet been confirmed by the national police.

Charles Henry Baker of the Group of 184 Civil Society Organizations said that this information could be true, and thus encourages the police to go after the bandits. Baker explains as follows to Amos Charles:

(Baker, in Creole) Currently, we have two people who are working with the police and MINUSTAH (U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti) who called to tell us that Dread Wilmain was shot twice by bullets, in the belly and testicles. These men even warned that Wilmain would be taken to Arcahaie for care and that the authorities should try to block his way. So, we are waiting to hear more about that. I hope that this information will be confirmed in the next forty-five minutes.

(Charles) When did this happen?

(Baker) The incident occurred around 1500 (local time) this afternoon (22 June).

(Charles) Which contingent of the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haitian (MINUSTAH) was carrying out this operation?

(Baker) All I know is that it is the national police that did it.

(Charles) Can you tell us in what circumstances this operation was carried out?

(Baker) I do not have these details. I only know about the result of the intervention. As I said, we have people who are working with MINUSTAH and the national police. So, it is these people who called to give us this information saying that Dread Wilmain has been shot twice.