Originally: Haitian electoral council hails Caricom’s offer to support elections


The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has welcomed the offer of cooperation from a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) delegation that is visiting the country. CEP Secretary-General Rosemond Pradel hailed the position of CARICOM, which has decided to support the electoral process. The CARICOM delegation met CEP President Max Mathurin on Tuesday (June 7) to study possibilities for cooperation between CARICOM and the CEP for the forthcoming elections.

Pradel: Not only has CARICOM spoken of the process, but also of their willingness to be involved in the process, that is, to accompany the CEP in technical issues to see how they could help resolve some technical issues, especially in the voter registration process. They apparently have other solutions, although it is too late now because we have already done a lot of the preparations, decisions have been made and a choice has been made in terms of technology. So, I do not believe it is possible for us now to modify the technological choice we have already made.

Anyway, since they have not yet made their intentions known, we will try to sit down with them to find out what they have in mind, what proposal they can make, and whether their proposal can be adapted to what we already have and the activities that are under way.

Radio Metropole: How does the CEP welcome the visit of the CARICOM delegation, if you were to take into account past history, for example?

Pradel: Well, I think it is positive and we hail it, because Haiti is a member of CARICOM. It is true that there was political turmoil that caused CARICOM to take strong and extreme positions, I would say, with some excessive statements. So, I think we should be glad that they were able to take time to think the situation over and become reasonable. We should hail the fact that they have changed their decision and are no longer working in the interest of one individual but in the interest of a nation. I believe that CARICOM made a mistake that was disastrous when it was trying to defend the interest of one person to the detriment of the interests of an entire nation. For, CARICOM is an association of countries and not an association belonging to one individual. So, I believe that this decision is quite positive and might give them a chance to correct their past mistakes.

Radio Metropole: So, are you planning to meet them again to get more information about how they could be inolved?

Pradel: Absolutely. I think it would be interesting for us to talk to them to find out what they have to offer, how they want to collaborate, how they want to be involved and how we can fit their participation into the current process.