The Brazilian contingent of MINUSTAH, the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti, reports that since early this morning it has been carrying out a search operation in Bel-Air, an area it has encircled. Its goal is to maintain security in this area including Delmas 2, Saint-Martin, Macajou Street, Mariella Street and so on. The aim of the operation is not specified. According to a preliminary toll, seven alleged bandits have been killed, three injured and six others arrested.

A Red Cross employee, Wendy Maude, who was kidnapped yesterday, was freed during this operation.

The Brazilian battalion informs people that, for their own safety, anyone found in possession of weapons, taking refuge on roof tops or seen in similar situations in the area where the operation is being carried out will be considered an imminent danger to the people and the troops. The culprit will therefore be treated in accordance with Minustah’s rules of engagement.