June 28, 2005


The chief of MINUSTAH (UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti) once again invites armed branches of the fallen regime to lay down their weapons and participate in the democratic process. Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdes, who was a guest on the Encounter Program, affirmed that the Blue Helmets will do everything within their power to counteract the bandits. He called the sectors that choose the way of violence to destroy the country Nazis. He said that he does not understand the position of the armed Lavalas partisans.


I cannot understand how movements that are given the possibility of working in a situation of protection provided by the international community to all those who want to participate in the elections can reject it. They are given the opportunity to hold demonstrations as the UN forces proved they can protect peaceful demonstrations. If this is not enough then I just do not understand what they really want.


I want to remind you we are not here as UN forces to take a position for or against any movement or a particular political ideal. We are here to protect the rights of Haitians just as we are here to subdue the violence. If some people want violence instead of peace, then they will be in confrontation with MINUSTAH. If instead they embrace peace and want to use every opportunity that MINUSTAH gives everyone to express themselves, then the road will be a lot easier for them.


There cannot be any political ambition, any ideological ambition that can lead to the destruction of a country as a condition to recover or gain power. When something like that happens then one only has to think of Nazism, the most horrible aberration in the history of mankind. To destroy a people and reduce them to a situation of permanent misfortune just for the sake of power, this shows an irresponsibility and incapacity to love their own people. It is just impossible to tolerate such a situation.