Originally: LIJECH to Rep Kendrick Meek

Wednesday May 18, 2005

Congressman Kendrick Meek

Miami, Florida

Dear Sir:

We represent an organization named L.I.J.E.C.H (French acronym for League of Young Haitian Professionals), and today we feel compelled to intervene in a matter that deeply worries and troubles us. On the eve of Haiti?s flag day, you stated that the inaction of Haiti?s government regarding ex-Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, who is being held for his presumed role in the massacre of “La Syrie,” could very well hurt the chances of positive aid for Haiti. Sir, we implore you to make very clear what it is that you are specifically referring to. Is there U.S. aid promised to Haiti that is conditional upon the arbitrary release of certain prisoners of “interest?” Or is there going to be some type of mobilization on your part and others to block U.S. aid to the Haitian people for the purpose of releasing a suspected offender in the eyes of Haitian law. We fully understand that the Haitian legal system has deficiencies that need to be overcome; however, we do not know of any legal system that is perfect, either. We believe that efforts in strengthening that legal system would serve the nation much better than lobbying targeted at circumventing it altogether.

Sir, one of the reasons for our intervention today is because we have in the past revered your efforts in trying to alleviate the plight of the Haitian people, both in Florida and Haiti. However, your comments on May 17, 2005 deeply concern us, and as representatives of Young Haitian Professionals in the U.S and in Haiti, we are seeking clarification in the matter. We hope that you will understand that every time such comments are made with no clarification, a malevolent perception is born that our relatively small efforts in establishing a state of law are being circumvented by foreign dignitaries from powerful nations that we only yesterday hoped supported this effort. It is a perception, sir, that goes against all of our efforts in rebuilding this proud nation of ours, a task that we presume you share a certain interest in.

Thank You.

Communication Office of the League of Young Haitian Professionals (L.I.J.E.C.H)