Radio Galaxie, May 27, 2005

The series of meetings among political parties under the aegis of MINUSTAH, the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti, continues. On Wednesday, May 25, several leaders of political parties held their second round of discussions and workshops. Governance, elections and a governability pact were discussed during this meeting. The idea of a possible ministerial reshuffle was also raised during the discussions. Let us listen in turn to Himmler Rebu of the GREH, Great Rally for the Development of Haiti, and Guy Philippe of the National Reconstruction Front (FRN), who participated in this meeting:

We had two days of work on Wednesday and Thursday. Today, we had to meet again to move forward with the discussions. We just concluded that we are going to have another two days to conclude on the transition issues, that is on the elections, security, the political governance of this government and what should be done.

There is the workshop on governance that will establish the type of behavior that is expected from the government that is going to be in place, from the political parties, from the civil society and so forth and that will determine from the attitudes, the type of governance, the governability for the government to come. The idea was to see everything in a package.

This morning, we concluded that there are two very different periods, that is, the transition between now and the elections and, after the elections, there is a post-electoral pact of governability. Well, this is one of the issues that has been raised, because there is obviously a deficit of trust and also of results.

Guy Philippe: It is about how all political parties will get together so we do not return to the same old opposition that obstructs the country, but instead a constructive opposition for a better country. With regard to the ministerial cabinet reshuffle, we are discussing that. You will know when we are ready.

Radio Galaxie: In turn, Pierre Sancon Prince of MODEREH, Haitian Democratic and Reforming Movement, who was present at this meeting, pleaded for the establishment of the rule of law in Haiti. According to him, any idea of returning to an arbitrary regime must be fought in all its forms. Prince spoke as follows:

There are workshops that have worked on well-determined topics, that have made recommendations to the assembly. The workshop that was working on the transition has asked for a ministerial cabinet reshuffle and also for a government of consensus. Obviously, this is not MODEREH’s position. You know the position of MODEREH, which clearly says it wants the departure of the entire government, except the president. However, MODEREH has worked with a number of political parties that believe instead in a ministerial cabinet reshuffle and a government of consensus. This is the first workshop.

There are workshops working on security issues. There are workshops working on the election issue. There are workshops working on the situation of prisoners. The Lavalas partisans say there are political prisoners and a committee has been set up to solve this problem.

Radio Galaxie: It should be said that the Lavalas Family is ready to participate in the next elections. This is what Yvon Feuille, one of the members of this party has said. He points out, however, that some principles need to be respected. The former Lavalas parliamentarian, the legitimacy of whose election was contested at the time, wants the next elections to be free, honest, democratic and open to all, without exception. Feuille explained the following to Radio Galaxie:

Lavalas is one of the political parties that always says that people can access power through elections. Lavalas never says that it will not participate in elections. Lavalas always says that it will participate in elections. However, Lavalas always says that it will not participate in selections.

So Lavalas wants to go to elections. But at the same time, it is fighting to have good elections. This is why the discussions that are taking place. The political class will issue a statement that can be a resolution. Given that it will concern the entire political class, it will have to be implemented.