May 25, 2005. Project addresses bishops’ Committee on International Policy.

The Haiti Democracy Project was represented by Amb. Timothy M. Carney, chairman of the board, former U.S. ambassador to Haiti, 1998?99. He was joined by Bishop Tom Wenski of Miami. Cardinal McCarrick was among the discussants. The bishops were preparing for a delegation visit to Haiti which they completed in July 2005.

Ambassador Carney stressed the importance of upcoming elections in furnishing Haiti with a fully legitimate government better able to lay the basis for security, infrastructure, and aid-absorption in the future. Both Carney and Bishop Wenski pulled no punches about the interim regime’s shortcomings, yet indicated there was no choice but to go forward with elections. There was no substitute either for the U.N. mission and continued international support for Haiti.

On August 13, 2005, Ambassador Carney resigned from the board to take up the position of charge d’affaires to Haiti.