Originally: Minustah chief warns Haitian gangs that operations will continue

The commander-in-chief of MINUSTAH, Gen. Augusto Heleno Ribeiro Pereira, has said that there is no future for the gangs that are operating in the capital. In a statement read by Col. Elouafi Boulbars, General Heleno noted the difficulty troops are facing in order to guarantee security in the capital, particularly in flashpoint areas of Port-au-Prince. Nevertheless, he reaffirmed MINUSTAH’s determination to create a favourable climate for holding the elections. Boulbars said the following:
“We reiterate that there is no future for the gangs in this country. We want these people to know that the reprieve that they are enjoying now is only because the commander-in-chief of MINUSTAH and other MINUSTAH officials want to spare innocent lives in these areas. We also want them to know that the Haitian National Police, with MINUSTAH support, will enter these places and they will experience the same fate as the other gangs.”