Originally: Here is the Picture of Mr. Neptune’s victim in

The chunk taken out of the arm of Haitian policewoman Rosita Joseph on May 5, 2005 by former Haitian prime minister Yvon Neptune, when she attempted to take him to court in St. Marc, Haiti, to answer the judge’s questions regarding a massacre that took place in that city in February 2004. Photo courtesy of the Haitian Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH). Click here for accompanying article by Pierre Esperance, director of the RNDDH. Scroll down to see the fairly graphic photo.

While calling for every effort to be taken to preserve Mr. Neptune’s life against the effects of his hunger strike, the RNDDH reports, “Mr. Neptune continually refuses to respond to the summons of the judge and appear before her to answer questions related to the incidents in La Scierie.  He has been called four times thus far and each time he is summoned he has restarted the hunger strike.  Finally, prison authorities had to use force to take him to St. Marc to respond to the judge’s questions.  Mr. Neptune resisted, biting a female prison guard on the arm (see attached photo), pushing another prison guard to the ground, and assaulting two prison guards.”