The transitional agreement signed between the government and diverse sectors of society, represents a guideline for the actions that the interim government should carry out. One year after the signing of this agreement, reporter Wendell Theodore explains that the government has only managed to carry out some of the commitments.

Prime Minister Gerard Latortue plans to discuss the transitional agreement that was signed one year ago with all the concerned sectors. He deplores the fact that his government has not been able to execute all the points of this agreement. The prime minister informs that he will meet with all the people who signed the agreement by the end of this month to discuss possible solutions to the country’s crisis.

The executive director of the Group of 184 Civil Society Organizations, G-184, is in favor of the meeting set for the end of April with the prime minister and representatives of all the key sectors of the nation. Anthony Barbier thinks that a follow-up of the transitional agreement should involve serious discussions especially on the security issue. He said, “It is necessary to make an assessment of the current government’s achievements. But we should be honest with ourselves and realize that the government is not just the entity responsible for things that have not been done.”

The socialist sector is ready to participate in this meeting announced by the prime minister on the transitional agreement. According to Serge Gilles, dialogue is still the road to the resolution of political problems.