Originally: Open Letter

March 25, 2005

His Excellency Gérard R. Latortue

Prime Minister

Republic of Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti



Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

Congratulations for a job well done in the Artibonite Valley. I have just returned from Pont-Sondé where the people have expressed their gratitude for your recent visit to the region. They have indicated that this is the kind of “feel and touch” they need from their government. Your trip there showed your desire to listen to their concerns and bring about solutions.  You have brought great hope to them.

They have asked me to contact you immediately to express their heartfelt gratitude for the improvements recently made in the roads from Saint-Marc to Pont-Sondé and the work which has started on the road between Pont-Sondé and Gonaïves.

They have expressed confidence that your visit and the improvements in the roads signal a true understanding of their concerns. You have given them great hope that the following issues will also be resolved by your government immediately:

*       Hydroelectric Plant in Pont-Sondé – The five turbines are still down and need immediate repair.

*       Dredging of Irrigation Canals – The people would appreciate an immediate intervention by ODVA to clean the various irrigation canals that hamper water flow into the rice fields and reduce crop yield.

*       Police Station in Gros Morne (between Saint-Marc and Pont-Sondé)

*       Water System in Saint-Marc – The water distribution system has been inoperable for almost three months due to the breakdown of the pumping station. I am told that the pump and the motor were taken to Port-au-Prince for repair and so far no one has given any feedback as to when the pumping station will be functioning again.

On behalf of the people of Pont-Sondé and Saint-Marc who have asked me to communicate their concerns to you, I would like to thank you for the immediate intervention of your government.

Kind regards,

Dumarsais M. Siméus