Originally: In Search of Consensus

Photo: Rosny Desroches, second from left and one of authors of report, here joins with founders of Group of 184 in 2002 at the singing of the national anthem.

The Civil Society Initiative Group, GISC, and the New Haiti Foundation, FNH, presented an initial report at the Montana Hotel yesterday. The title of the document is: “In Search of a Consensus After Two Hundred Years of Independence: The Structure of the Haitian Social System and Development Challenges.” The meeting took place in the presence of political personalities, members of the private and public sectors, and representatives of international organizations. This initiative is part of a GISC and FNH plan based on a long-term vision for the modernization of Haiti.

Rosny Desroches, who participated in the presentation of the GISC and FNH report yesterday, believes that it is essential for all Haitian citizens to cultivate a spirit of tolerance. He advocates national unity among all Haitians to find ways and means capable of leading to the development of Haiti.