MINUSTHA is trying to reassure the Haitian people for the year 2005. Civilian and military leaders of the UN mission promise to create conditions for a return to normalcy. In addition, MINUSTHA is pleased with its achievements so far. Spokeswoman Sophie Boutaud said, “The groups that wanted to defy the authority and the capacity of the mission had to give up, whether it was the former military or the armed gangs that are losing ground.” She added, “I am convinced that the health and education programs that had to come to a halt because of the insecurity and that have been relaunched will facilitate lasting stability in poor neighborhoods and surrounding areas so that the situation may change in Haiti.” As for General Augusto Heleno Pereira, he said, “I think that the international community will help us make money available here to implement projects. The year 2005 will be much better than 2004.” He went on to say, “There is no need for the people of Haiti to talk about insecurity while there is a crime rate that is quite normal. Crimes similar to what is taking place in Haiti also happen in other countries while the press or the international community does not give the impression that the situation is chaotic.”