The Struggling People’s Organization, OPL, says it is not happy with the results of the current government. The OPL blames the current government for not having a clear and specific agenda about the steps that should be taken to meet the expectations of the people. Edgard Leblanc, Jr, former senator of the Republic, who participated yesterday in the “Time for the Truth” programme, said that he is against the departure of the government, but that he wishes for better harmony in the decisions that are being made. An excerpt from his statements follows: “I think that there must first be a government, that is, a team that governs, that leads the country….” Furthermore, in response to a question about whether the OPL would sign a document for a vote of confidence in the government, Leblanc answered: “No, the government does not enjoy our confidence. By the way, we are concerned, like everybody. We are not happy, but this does not mean that we want to tell the government to step down now, without knowing how we are going to carry on with this transition and make it a success. What we want is the success of the transition.”