“Agitation, violence and the power of weapons are not instruments of good governance but are and remain destroyers of the nation. Down with violence! Dear fellow citizens, to promote dialogue and give Haiti a chance, I solemnly extend a hand to the former president so that he can be a partisan of Haiti’s interests and work for peace. In 2005 we must stop mortgaging the future. We must not cause our ancestors to be ashamed.”

The president recalled that many people who are causing destruction in the country claim to be working for Aristide. He explained in his speech that instructions have been given to the prime minister and the foreign minister to send senior emissaries to South Africa and Venezuela regarding that issue.

He announced a diplomatic campaign to help South Africa, Venezuela and Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries should understand that they need to support Haiti rather than Aristide.

Called for delivery of aid promised in 2004. “They promised us a great deal in 2004. Ten months later, it is distressing to observe that the aid that was promised has not materialized contrary to our expectations and our needs.” He gave a reminder that the international community has not kept its promises.

“Dear fellow citizens, difficult months are awaiting us because we are going to enter electoral periods in order to designate in free, honest, transparent, and democratic elections the leaders who are going to take care of the fate of the nation. These months will be difficult because every electoral process means a choice of candidates, competition and a verdict through the ballot.”

Alexandre added that he hopes every citizen will understand that “national interests must be above personal interests.” He wishes the Provisional Electoral Council, CEP, to move seriously towards elections. It will be necessary for the CEP to follow the historic example of the country’s independence.