The National Coalition for Haitian Rights, NCHR, expresses concerns about the release without trial of several alleged members of the Operation Baghdad movement. The NCHR also expresses concerns about reports that large sums of money were given to examining judges to release certain criminals. Pierre Esperance deplores the fact that investigations into numerous crimes that were committed under the former regime, such as the murder of Jean Dominique, the assassination of the three sons of Viola Robert in Carrefour, the sabotage of radio and TV transmitters in Boutiliers, and so on, have not come to a successful conclusion.

Esperance said, “There are people whom the police arrested for banditry and criminal acts whose release the office of the examining judge ordered without trial. There are rumors that judges are paid large sums of money in U.S. dollars to free bandits and criminals.” He added, “The police arrested a lot of people who were involved in the Operation Baghdad movement but these people were released without trial, and they are still out there shooting at the police and civilians. There are also judges and public prosecutors who were dismissed for involvement in corruption who are back at work while their cases were never studied.”

It should be pointed out that the national police also express concern about the release of several members of Operation Baghdad.