The National Progressive Democratic Party of Haiti, PNDPH, headed by Dr Turneb Delpe, says it enjoys the fervor it has observed in the attitude of many sectors in favour of the idea of a national conference. Delpe says he remains convinced that a national conference is the only way to put the country on the track of progress and to thwart any possible foreign occupation, Delpe notes that has rejected the idea of a national dialogue, as advocated by the Latortue government, and has instead opted for a national conference. “The PNDPH wants to remind all Haitians that a national conference is Haiti’s last chance to be saved so that some countries in the international community do not find the final pretext they are looking for to show that we are a lot incompetents and cause us be brought again under the domination of a foreign country, as is being talked about today in many foreign media. This means that we cannot dare miss this last chance by letting the Alexandre-Latortue government take the country to a confusion that they want to call national dialogue.” The PNDPH says it is not possible that people think elections can be held in the country, while the national conference has not yet taken place.