“In Search of a Consensus Between the Various Sectors of National Life After 200 Years of Independence: The Structure of the Haitian Social System and the Challenges of Development” is the title of a document presented yesterday at the Montana Hotel by the New Haiti Foundation, FNH and the Civil Society Initiative Group, GISC. This document is a series of studies related to the functioning of the country’s socioeconomic and political system by Dr Tatiana Wah. Wah advocates social justice. She adds that we must accept that the private sector is the economic servant of the country and is supposed to provide jobs. Furthermore, she says all developed countries in the world have succeeded in only one way. She then speaks of the lack of technical capabilities. Based on the results of this study on the search for economic, social development, Andre Apaid of the Group of 184 Civil Society Organizations, G-184, says it is necessary to have a new social contract. Apaid says: “You will see in the booklet some chapters that will explain how she tackles the issues of colour, the issues of social strata, and how reflection based on contacts allowed her to say: Here are the interests of each of sector – the economic elites, the average class, and the most deprived strata of our country. Here are their aspirations.”