Paul Denis of the Struggling People’s Organization (OPL) has reacted to the statements made by the president of the African Union, who said the union is was ready to help restore stability and to pave the way for free and democratic elections in Haiti. Denis says he hopes the African Union will eventually help former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide understand once and for all that he is part of the past and that the Haitians need to live in peace and quiet today. Denis adds that if Aristide is trying look important, it is only because he enjoys the complicity of some foreign personalities and some foreign international institutions. Denis says it will be good for the democratic transition: “If the African Union calls him, works with him and helps him understand that we need peace and quiet in Haiti so we can move forward in the process of democratic transition.” Denis recalls that Aristide always pretends that he was ousted by a coup d’etat and that he will return.