Professor Michel Soukar, who was one of the guests of the “Morning News Programme” on Radio Metropole this morning, sharply criticizes the interim president for having held out his hand to Aristide. Soukar believes that Alexandre is trying to pave the way for a political return of the bad wing of the Lavalas Family. He describes Alexandre’s statements about Aristide as unacceptable while recalling the bad things the Lavalas government caused the country.

“I am surprised today by the fact that this government says it is going to open a procedure to bring Aristide before the court whereas the head of state has held out his hand to the same Aristide. I really do not understand this incoherence that has turned into contradiction.”

Soukar added that this statement shows that the government does plan at all to render justice to the people after they experienced injustice from Aristide. Furthermore, Soukar says Alexandre has acknowledged his failure for having invited somebody who is responsible for 10 years of destruction in the country to help him establish peace.