The electoral decree is virtually ready. At the conclusion of discussions with the government, some adjustments have been made in the draft electoral decree that was published by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to solicit suggestions. The CEP has decided that in case of electoral litigation, candidates might resort to the Court of Cassation to file complaints. By the way, the CEP has taken a stand in favor of an electoral card that should at the same time be a national identification card. CEP Executive Secretary Rosemond Pradel comments.

With regard to the financing of political parties, the CEP has decided that each party will be given 50 gourdes per vote. Rosemond Pradel, who was answering Yves Patrice Merisier’s questions, gives details on this subject. He explains that between 2 million and 10 million  gourdes will be given to political parties as cash advances based on the valid votes they get in the next elections. Rosemond explains that the CEP will hold two-step elections including municipal and local elections first followed by legislative and then presidential elections. The following is an excerpt from his statements: “Based on the percentages of candidates proposed by a party in the upcoming elections, it will be given an advance of 2 million  to 10 million  gourdes. The final count will be done after the elections and each valid vote by a political party will be counted for 50 gourdes… If the amount that was previously given to a party was sufficient, it will not be given more. But if it was insufficient based on the party’s results in the elections, it will be paid the difference. But if the party was previously given too much money, it will have to reimburse the difference.”