I believe that holding the elections in 2005 is the biggest challenge that this government is facing today. Whatever happens, I want the people to know that elections will take place. As for those who say that elections may not be possible because of insecurity, I want to tell them once and for all that this will not be the case. People should think of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Colombia. Elections take place in these countries although the insecurity climate is a lot worse there. So, we should not even think that the government will shrink from the electoral issue.

We will give the Provisional Electoral Council, CEP, all the necessary support, all the money that they need, and all the necessary logistics to help them organize the elections this year. Elections will take place and will be done correctly. They will be democratic, transparent, and free elections. And today, we are declaring before the nation and the world that this government will not act in favor of anybody or any political party to help them win the elections. Likewise, this government will not work against any candidate who will run in the elections. But when the time comes, on  February 7, 2006, this government will cede to the person that the people will elect, whoever it may be.

We must reiterate that we would like everybody, including the Lavalas Family, to take part in the elections. Once again we call for the Lavalas people to join us in the electoral process. Besides, if they are so popular the people will show that. And if they are not really popular then the people will reject them. But it is only through elections that members of political parties can show their strength. The fact that people in possession of Uzi and M-4 guns are going around shooting at innocent people in the streets of Bel-Air or on Poupelard Street does not prove that they are popular in the country. No, it does not. It is instead the number of people who vote for him that will show that person’s strength. And we promise to guarantee the right of all Haitians who want to take part in the electoral process.