The demobilized soldiers are making their presence felt in the metropolitan area. The former military are more present in the capital, and human rights activists express concern about this situation. Pierre Esperance of the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, NCHR, said, “Wherever they are, in the Plateau Central area, in Petit-Goave, or in the metropolitan area, the people may not see them as a danger for now. But later they will see them as a danger especially during the electoral process, because they will be defending the interest of the group or groups that are supporting them. But nobody actually knows who is supporting them.”

Evans Paul said, “It is true that the country may have security problems, it is true that there are military men of good faith that can contribute to assure security. But it is also true that the former soldiers cannot decide by themselves how they are going to provide security. This should be done in agreement with and, most of all, under the government’s command.”