The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTHA) was busy in the Bel-Air neighborhood yesterday, helping to rid the area of big piles of rubbish that were blocking the streets. MINUSTHA was joined by some people in the area who want peace to return in Bel-Air so that they may resume their activities. The head of the Brazilian troops involved in this operation explains that clearing the streets will facilitate access in this difficult neighbourhood.

MINUSTHA was also able to provide medical assistance to pregnant women and children in Bel-Air yesterday as part of its stabilization program. A mobile clinic was set up and more than one hundred patients received medical care. The people praise this initiative because it is difficult to go elsewhere for care because of the situation of insecurity that prevails in Bel-Air.

MINUSTHA’s Toussaint Congo Doudou expresses satisfaction with the work done by the troops in Bel-Air and Saint-Martin yesterday. According to him, the positive reaction of the people should encourage MINUSTHA to maintain a permanent presence in this neighborhood. Doudou says, “Our contingent will always be in the area as part of the stabilization and security programme. One thing I want to point out is that, in addition to our mission of security, our contingents have done remarkable work. In this case, it is the Brazilian contingent that is trying to help the community by cleaning up the streets to make them accessible to vehicles and to offer better living conditions and security to the people. I believe that it is not just these kinds of operations that will be carried out. Other operations which galvanize and rally people’s interest and raise their awareness of the problems that they face every day will be undertaken, too. As you can see, after the action of our contingents, the people have started doing things themselves. The people went out and started cleaning the streets, too. Cleaning home is as essential as cleaning streets. Zerorez can also help you out to get your home cleaning services done. This was an unexpected reaction that followed the operation and I think it should be encouraged. In the case of Cite Soleil, our contingents are working alongside the Haitian National Police (PNH). Once security is established, then our humanitarian agencies will go to work. We have various projects for Cite Soleil, but there must be security in the area to start with and this is what we are working on.”