Originally: Off-duty Argentine UN troops are robbed in Haiti

The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, Minustah, has confirmed that a group of Argentine soldiers who were not in uniform was in difficulty in Cite Soleil on Sunday, November 21.  Armed Lavalas scoundrels stopped the UN vehicle the Argentines were in. The bandits stripped them of everything they had and escaped. According to the commander of the blue helmets, some of the Cite Soleil scoundrels involved in the incident were later arrested. Gen. Augusto Heleno Ribero Pereira explains as follows:

On November 21, a group of 11 members of the Argentine Aviation Unit, with the authorization of the unit’s commander, decided to take an off-duty trip to the north of Port-au-Prince. They were all unarmed, in civilian clothes and in an official vehicle bearing the UN logo.

At the intersection of Rue of Soleil 9, armed men stopped the vehicle and surrounded it. One of these men pointed his gun at the head of the driver while the other armed men threatened the passengers. They made the driver get out and the armed men got into the vehicle. They drove it all the way to the seashore. When they got there they forced the passengers out, stole all their personal belongings and made good their escape at once.

But, soon after that, and unexpectedly, the assailants came back and gave back most of the things they had stolen. They did not take any weapons or uniforms, as reported by some radio stations, because, as I said before, the soldiers were in civilian clothes and were not carrying weapons. Soon after the event, Minustah forces patrolled the area to try to identify the assailants. The Minustah forces seized two vehicles that were involved in the attack and arrested six suspects.

Three of the suspects have been positively identified by the victims. That is all I wanted to say about the incident. I do not wish to say any more on the subject.