Promoting Haiti at the Electrical Manufacturers’ Expo, Indianapolis, September 20-22, 2004

At right is Gladys Racine, from the Haiti Democracy Project, at the booth soliciting investment in Haiti.

We will be following up on various leads generated at the trade show. Several visitors to the booth expressed surprise that Haiti has anything to offer at all!

Mexico and Honduras sent senior members of their government to appear on the same panel as Haiti Democracy Project board member Rudolph Boulos. The panel was entitled, “How to Compete with China.” All actively promoted investment in their countries. Click here to view our Powerpoint presentation encouraging investment in job-creating growth along the Haitian-Dominican border.

A casual stroll through any Walmarts shows you a tremendous variety of product that could be made very well in Haiti, and the expanded European Union has a market 50 percent larger than the United States. Creating a stable work environment with better infrastructure is the primary task, but effective promotion of the country is not far behind.